Hello, I'm sofia. I'm a designer, artist, and creative consultant from Manila. I help businesses develop an authentic visual identity or teach them how to build a brand by focusing, relating to, and creating true and beautiful things for their audience. Majority of my clients are writers, artists, and healers. 

I also contemplate a lot on the many facets of the human experience through personal stories and collage art — always arriving at the conclusion that Creativity, Vulnerability, and Love are our real superpowers, yet often forgotten or misplaced. I hope to help you remember.


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15 Days of Writing True
Creative writing course co-created w/ Camille Pilar

Project You
Self-branding e-course for modern-day creators

Viva La Manika
Lifestyle brand





"Sofia is a dream to work with. Her creativity is so refreshing and inspiring that it’s akin to reading a good book you don’t want to end. Everything falls into place. That’s a big deal to me because I value organization and process just as much as creativity and vision. I’ve been so fortunate to have met someone who is equal parts artistic and meticulous."

Camille Pilar
Writer, writingtrue.co

"There is a small handful of people who I stop and stare when they create. Sofia is one of them."

Alex Wolf
Digital Marketer, alexwolf.co

"Sofia is one of the several lovely persons who helped me grow this desire to create more and to learn more. Her presence in the art-world (as a creator/teacher) and on Earth (as a deeply sincere and wise and loving human) provides healing, perhaps the kind that lasts for a lifetime."

Lovey Marquez
Writer, artofmovement.net