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It is sometimes hard to pick up on the good and instructive things that come with the year that passes. It is easier to focus on the failures, the losses, the missed opportunities, the plans that didn’t take flight — and feel sorry and regretful. But no matter how your past year went, whether you’ve had more struggles than successes and regardless of how big or small your progress has been, there is something to be gleaned from it.

If you only take the time to reflect on your year, you may find that your previous trip around the sun was a formative one - full of instruction and reasons to thank it and get excited and more equipped for the next. Trust us, it’s not all regrets!

But how do you ponder on your year exactly? And what questions must you consider in order to effectively gain clarity to incite a more present and productive you in the coming year?

This is where Adjourn comes in.

Adjourn is a daily journaling challenge to end the year. With daily prompts to reflect on, you can prepare for the new year by making peace with what 2017 has been able — or unable — to give you. You can take responsibility for the mess you made on the journey — and see it for the work of art it is at the end of the day.

Adjourn is the lovechild between two words: adjourn: to suspend indefinitely, and jour: the French for "day," the root word for journal and journey. 


The mechanics:

  1. To participate in the challenge, sign up using the link below and join the Muses Mastermind group. From Dec 27 to 31, you will receive an email from us with the day's prompt.

  2. Assign your own Adjourn notebook.

  3. Commit 30-60 minutes of your day to reflect on each prompt. We recommend you make this a part of your daily meditation/routine. The point of this challenge is that you start your year with some headspace and clarity, so commitment is key. Best enjoyed with your usual cuppa. :)

  4. If so inspired, share your entries on Instagram with the hashtag #Adjourn2017. You may also share them in the Muses Mastermind Group to connect with other participants. Your guides will be available assist to you in the group.

  5. Get creative! You don’t have to make it extravagant but do present them in a way that will suit your heART’s content.