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Create beautiful visual STORIES THROUGH digital collage art.

In this 4-part workshop, you will learn the fundamentals and basic creative process of digital collage-making from collage art principles to basic image isolation, image assembling/layering, color balancing, and blending techniques.


What you'll get:

  • digital collage-making video lectures and tutorials

  • online access to course lectures for one (1) year

  • digital collage art resources and PNG kits

  • collage art-making demos

  • constructive critiquing about your work

  • fun collage art prompts and exercises

How much for this course?
PHP1800 (valued at PHP3500)

Course requirements:

Mouse or touch tablet with stylus
Photoshop CS6 or CC (software)
Basic knowledge in Photoshop

The workshop starts on July 10, 2017.




Why you’ll love digital collage art

Digital collage art is one of the most effective and expansive mediums for creative storytelling as it enables you to explore different ways of putting images together into new artful concepts.

You can use your collage artworks for a range of design purposes such as graphic elements for websites, visual content for blogs/social media, and print design. The possibilities are endless!




How should I take this course?

Once you enroll, you will be granted access to our virtual classroom, and find some tips on how to make the most out of this workshop. This is a self-pace course and you may re-take it anytime within the year but feedback from the instructor will be provided only within the workshop period.

I signed up via credit card, why can't I see the modules? 

The materials will be released when the course starts on July 10, 2017.

What’s next after I enroll via bank deposit?

You will receive an email cotaining payment instructions within 12-24 hours. After payment has been settled, you must send a clear copy of the deposit slip to openartph@gmail.com. You will receive login details shortly after we acknowledge receipt.

Do you accept refunds?

As per industry standard, and because this course is offered at an introductory price, we are not doing refunds on products that can be downloaded and/or viewed online at the moment.

What is the schedule for the course?

We will be releasing the video lectures/tutorials part by part every after two (2) days starting July 10, 2017.

When is the last day of registration?

The final day to register is on July 3, 2017.


ready to explore the messy and beautiful world of digital collage art?

Tuition Fee: PHP1800 (valued at PHP3500)


Your Instructor

Sofia is a graphic designer, artist and content creator. She works with artists and brands on finding different and innovative ways of expressing themselves through design, marketing and the creative arts. She is also notorious for contemplating on the many facets of the human experience through her personal stories and surrealistic collage artworks — always arriving at the conclusion that Creativity, Vulnerability, and Love are our ultimate superpowers, yet always forgotten or misplaced. She hopes to help you remember.

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