Art Of Movement


Art Of Movement is a creative space and travel website founded by writer, Lovey Marquez. It aims to offer an intimate space to ponder on and bring your outer travels into consciousness and then make use for your inner development

For this project, we developed Art Of Movement’s brand identity and website.


The official logo aimed to capture Art Of Movement’s tagline, “Movement toward leads to movement within.” It consists of a thick triangle outline and a photographic marble texture to depict. The meeting of two very different elements embody the paradoxical idea of finding inner clarity/structure as one ventures into uncertainty.

logo 1.png
colors 2.png

The client’s chosen palette consists of purple and subdued yellow that transitions to a grayish green, in keeping with her preference to depict mystery and natural knowing — a journey (always) from unconscious to conscious.

img 4.jpg
sample 2.jpg
sample 1.jpg
img 3.jpg

Almost all of the elements used were either inspired by or actually taken from Lovey’s travel photos.

lovey photos.jpg
collage 2.jpg