The Passion Project PH


The Passion Project PH aims to help creatives live better by helping them work better–whatever that may mean for them. Maybe it’s quitting their day job to be a full-time freelance creative. Maybe it’s staying in their current job but approaching it with a different strategy and mindset. Maybe it’s picking up a new hobby or a side hustle.

The project was founded by Rebecca Lee, a 23-year old freelance writer and online content producer based in Manila, Philippines. Rebecca has given talks and conducted workshops to thousands of students, freelancers, and entrepreneurs about telling stories online.

For The Passion Project’s website, we came up with a series of collage artworks for over 10 articles on productivity and creativity.

creative block a.jpg

Article: 5 Actionable Things You Can Do To Get Past A Creative Block

email anxiety c.jpg
email anxiety e.jpg

How I Got Over Email Anxiety + Useful Emailing Tools


The Importance Of Play In The Creative Process


Online Branding: 5 Ways The Rules Of Friendship Apply To Branding

time 1.jpg

Time Assets Vs. Time Debts

traffic b.jpg

Car Rides: Reflections On Speeding Up And Slowing Down

clock 4.jpg

Saturday, Sunday, And A Day Within A Day

trust 1.jpg

A Year After College: Indecision And Euthymnia


How I Start And End Every Year


On Travel And Transience

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