Dream Client Clarity Module + Worksheet

Dream Client Clarity Module + Worksheet

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In this audio-visual (read-along) module, learn why defining your Ideal Client is a crucial step before you create and launch anything. It’s the marketing, branding, and design thinking strategy any artist must learn!

What you’ll get:
- A 25-minute lecture on the importance of creating with a Dream Client in mind
- Examples and success stories
- A worksheet designed to help you flesh out your Dream Client and be clear with your branding
- Instant (year-long) access to the worksheet and modules

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Are you launching anything within the final quarter? Or maybe early next year — 2020? The year of perfect vision/clarity. ️

If so, are you working on your Dream Client Avatar? You should! :)

Too often, they would ask us to imagine and make a vision board of our “dream life” but never to think about our ideal customer’s or client’s dream life. What if I told you that learning how to do the latter has made all the difference for me?

Before I start on a project, I’d ask myself these questions:


I would write my answers and ideas on a journal and pin some pictures to a corkboard — all from my dream client's standpoint. Then, almost instantly, it becomes crystal clear to me — the Who, the How, the Why! Suddenly, I know what to do and create and where I must start, because now I have my ideal client's interests and dreams in mind and heart.

We walk a mile in someone’s shoes because it is still incredibly healing to know someone “gets it”. The magic of it all is that stepping into your dream client's world may look like stepping further away from your dreams, but it only makes them even more possible! That’s just what a little empathy can do. 😉

Remember, your brand is you but it’s not about you. You are not buying your own products or enrolling in your own workshops. You are simply making them. But for who? And for what reason? Best be clear. ️ ️🖋️


To help, I made you a Dream Client Clarity Worksheet. This worksheet contains all of the questions you need to ask yourself to flesh out your avatar. You need it so your brand can have more focus and direction. So you can start speaking the language of your ideal customers and create content and products that easily resonate with them. These are the same questions I answered when I was creating some of my successful products like the Manila Honey Postcards and our previous writing workshop, 15 Days of Writing True. It comes with a 25-minute module too where I break down this whole strategy for you!

My mistake in the past was that I tried to teach too many things about branding and marketing when I needed only to teach you this one strategy. We could talk about how we can make your art more beautiful and shareable, but none of it will matter unless there’s someone you want to create for. Know that someone first. When it comes to your product and marketing, it isn’t so much about the what as it is about the who. Remember this before you launch!

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What’s next after I purchase this module?

Once you purchase (via credit card), you will be granted instant access to the worksheet containing link to the module. For payments made via bank transfer, you will receive an email after 12-24 hours. After payment has been settled, you must send a clear copy of the deposit slip to themadmuse.co@gmail.com.

How should I take this module?

My modules are ready-made and are meant to be taken and studied at your own pace. You have access to the module for one (1) year. If you wish to have further guidance, you may avail of my consulting service.

Do you accept refunds?

As per industry standard, and because this course is offered at an introductory price, we are not doing refunds on products that can be downloaded and/or viewed online at the moment.