Audio: The Artist Is Breathing


The artist is breathing.
The artist in you is breathing. 
Steadily, it wakes from its sleeping. 
It is ready, able, and willing to create something real
This artist is you.
For too long you may have believed this untrue
But you cannot deny
what is already a given
Can you feel your heart beating?
The artist in you is breathing
You are this highly creative being
organized lovingly into existence by God itself,
the Universe itself.
You are the living expression of the whole.
Just as the universe decided to not just be nothing,
the urge to express and expand
is native to your soul.

The artist in you is alive!
The need to make is in your mind
In your heart, in your hands
And now you understand 
That being a creator
is not something you decide
It’s a call you answer to —
an invitation of the Divine.

The artist in you is breathing.
And because you came from a supreme being,
your creativity is just as organic.
Just as abundant.
Just as effortless.
Just as fluid.
Your life is rich with memories and experiences
which gives you endless supply of stories and ideas

The artist in you is awake!
It explores the world with sensitivity.
It is observant and receptive to truth and beauty.
It sees wonder even in the ordinary —
or order even in the chaos.
As a creator, you are a harmonizer.
You synthesize what you see into brilliant new meanings 
You try to find where the connections lie. 
To make us see we’re not so different from each other.
Your art is empathy machine…
You’re not only a harmonizer —
you’re a humanizer.

The artist in you is here.
It is mindful and present
When it makes, it gives itself to the moment.
It surrenders to the flow.
It honors the becoming,
with its dream always in tow.
It believes that the process and the product are one.
The fulfillment of your work is in loving it and having fun.
In weaving joy and intention into whatever you make.
You know that when your heart is in what you do, your art will resonate
Travelling far and wide and deep,
Touching and inspiring whom it may.

So let the artist in you breathe.

Sofia Cope