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Welcome to MY Studio! I help creative BRANDS matter to their audience through well-made, human-centered design.

The way we consume information has changed a lot in the last 10 years. I believe that to be truly seen, heard, and sought in today’s social climate, you need a sincere brand voice combined with visuals that make people stop, think, and most importantly, feel something.

I believe in designING for the heart, not only for the eyes — design that ultimately moves the viewer to take action.



what I make



Striking visuals for digital storytelling, promotional materials, and web elements


Brand Identity

Strong and authentic brand identity that speaks for you and to your community



Simple vintage style illustrations ideal for packaging and prints


BASIC Web Design

Websites that inspire feeling, connection, and action *Exclusive to Squarespace websites

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Creative Consultation
Guidance or critiquing on creative projects

Art Direction
Direction on the overall visual style of the project

Personalized Gifts
Learn more about our Big Love Promo


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I’m opening very, very limited slots for each offer. Submit a form below to tell me about your project.
Final submission: August 15, 2019

let’s make something beautiful together.

*For web design proposals, it is required that clients have basic knowledge in Squarespace.

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Note: Depending on the load, I usually allot 3-6 weeks to complete a project.