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I believe one of the ways we can be truly heard amidst the digital noise and create something that gets remembered and appreciated (and sold!) is if we combine our truth and purpose with vibrant, thoughtful, and honest creativity. I've always had this belief that if we start treating our businesses with the same thought, delicacy, intensity, and intimacy as artists, there’d be less waste in the world and more, well, art. Art which is steadily becoming the new commodity in the age of speed and rampant efficiency.

Of course, it's easier said than done, but that's why I'm here! So you won't have to go through this alone.

I’m opening a few slots to work with some awesome creators on anything they need to make their brands come alive and be seen, heard, and loved by their respective tribes. Here are some of my current offers:

graphic design.jpg


My style is a combination of simplicity and opulence. I try to capture both to reflect the wholeness of the human experience. I mix things in a way that will produce something unique, rich, and alive, but still easy on the eyes. You will notice that I also like colors and collages in my graphics. While this is what my clients mainly seek in my work to mix with their own vision, I can be very flexible and adaptable to preferences. What I aim for at the end of the day is to give your project a strong and authentic identity. Something that does not only speak for you but to your beloved community.

Sample projects:
e-book layout
book cover design
marketing collaterals
collage sets
brand identity


design for squarespace websites

My goal as a web artist is to mix efficiency with emotiveness. While a good website should be simple and easy to navigate, I also believe that it has to be representative of your story, your vibe, and your tribe in order for it to be truly effective and engaging. I believe your art — be they products or services — matters greatly and you owe it to yourself and to your audience to present and house your content in the most beautiful and intuitive ways you can dream up.

Ideally includes:
About page
Sales page
Contact page
Blog page setup
Newsletter setup
+2 Stand-alone pages

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Focusing on storytelling, customer care, and improving audience experience

Here, I help you answer things like: How can I be better connected to my community? How do I give them better stories? How can I incorporate more emotion/human voice to my brand? How can I improve the delivery and creative direction of my products or services so that it becomes relevant to the lives of my customers? 

Format: in-person meetings, video calls, chat, or museletter (email)


How to get waitlisted

I’m opening very, very limited slots for each offer. I will be taking into consideration things like your budget and timeframe. This does not necessarily mean that those with the biggest budget win the slots . This will also be dependent on your values and why you want to work with me. I want to make sure that our Why's align/complement. In the forms, you will be asked to tell me about your values as a creator, so go ahead and tell me what matters to you and why you think we could make stuff together!

I'm currently booked out for this quarter and will be accepting projects that start early-mid July 2018. 

You may send in your proposal forms until May 15. I will be sending out my replies on the last week of May. 

ready to take your ART to heart and give YOUR BRAND THE LOVING IT SO rightly deserveS? SUBMIT YOUR PROPOSAL BELOW.

Hope to create true and beautiful things with you!


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