What Makes People Fall In Love With You & Your Brand

What do you think makes people fall in love with you, your art, product or service?

Better yet, what makes us fall in love with someone? It varies.
Arguably, one thing wins us over and over:  

Someone who can read our minds.

You know those people?

They know you more than you know yourself. They can tell apart what they think you really need from what you say you want, and give you those things. 

This is why we like getting surprises from others more than we’d like to admit? It's this feeling of someone knowing us and our deepest desires that sweeps us off our feet.


It’s the same thing with good brands.

They can pick up our thoughts and know what we need, maybe even long before we realize we need it. The brands that are easy to love — like the people we love — are mindful of who we are and they care about the better people we’ve yet to be. 

What question would our brand’s message be better off answering, then?

Is it merely, “How can I be distinct?”Or, ”How can my distinctiveness make others feel more empowered about theirs?”

Does success lie in launching more products, services or information? Or in fine-tuning our vision so that it renders to someone’s transformation?

This century is exciting, thanks to technology.
For the same reason though, it’s making many of us lonely and bored.
We're connected and yet disconnected. We tend to be more overwhelmed than empowered by the information we are fed.

Who, then, would stand out in all this noise, product pollution and mental indigestion? 

Answer: Someone who listens.

Someone tuned in.
Does your brand have such willing ears?
Is it not talking only about itself? Is it also hearing out someone else’s dreams, shams, hopes, and fears? 

Great brands possess a skill of speaking for themselves and in others’ behalf. AND THAT TAKES A LOT OF LISTENING.

If everything in Nature is in symphony and in sympathy, is the lack of abundance just a lack of understanding another entity?

Know that feeling of great relief after experiencing a quick earthquake and the person next to you gives you that certain look? The look of Yes, I felt that, too.

The point is, we’re not that different. We’re not that alone.
The challenge is, to make others feel it.