How to cut through the noise


I don’t know if you notice it but these days there is an overwhelming surplus of content online and it has started to get harder to cut through the growing noise.

I think it's beautiful that a lot of us are using social media as a platform to share our purposeful work, but how can the more quiet creators like many of us who also have something important to say be heard amidst the cacophony of commodities and information? How can we be out there without totally adding to the noise? I know you guys ask me about this a lot — I hear you!

Before I answer that, I want to ask you:

Has anybody whispered a secret to you before? We’ve all experienced it, right? And we’ve all leaned in — oh how we would lean in — to hear a juicy secret.

You may not realize it yet but there is power in a whisper. Words and ideas bear weight when they are shared intimately. The engagement that springs from it may not be in volumes yet, but they can create just as much if not more impact and resonance than when they are “yelled.”

So how do we establish intimacy through our brands? One way we can achieve this is by maximizing less public platforms like IG Stories, newsletter, Slack, and FB groups — and using these spaces to give your audience something really good. The people who go out of their way to view your Stories, read your newsletter, and sign up to your group are the people who most likely already appreciate your work, so why not delight and reward them by giving them more value? You can use these intimate spaces to tell personal stories, share knowledge, ask for feedback, and show your creative process. If you want to truly build a community of supporters and word-of-mouthers, give your existing audience something good in “secret.”

Dip quietly into the noise - don't rub yourself in. Those who will lean in to listen are your people. This is how your ideas can break through and create a ripple. Tweet it

A favorite blogger of mine Mayi Carles made a perfect analogy when she said that your brand should be more like a campfire than a call center. Her advice?

"Stop looking. Stop shouting. Stop begging. Instead, start collecting wood. Start lighting a fire. Start telling tales. People will find you. They will stay for hot cocoa + marshmallows. And if they had a good time, they will come back, multiplied, with their friends." - Mayi Carles

One thing I have observed from my conversations with other introvert creators is that we get scared to share ourselves online because we think we need to be consistently loud and out there. The truth is, sometimes, in order to be heard, you need only to whisper .