Most loved musings 2017

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Here is a compilation of some of my most loved musings and resources I shared across my main platforms in 2017. This is my little gift to you and I hope you find any them helpful as much as others did. May they remind you to be, in your own way, a more caring and braver creator in the coming year. 

Note: If you can’t access the writings posted on FB, it means you have to sign up to the Muses Mastermind group - a shared space for artists and soulful storytellers. Don’t worry, you can always un-join (but, please, stay a little longer). :) 


People are experiencing you
Things that are actually okay in your 20's
Are you there for you on the daily?
Soften a little, the struggle wants to shape you
On showing up outside of social media


Love is extensionality
I saw you today, mama


The marriage of Muse and Purpose
How to tell better travel stories
On madness as a life prerequisite

Audio-visual lessons:
How to breakthrough uninspired ideas
How to find the best creative business idea for you


How to cut through the noise
What’s your sentimental idea of success?
How to make your dream collaborators say “yes” to you
How to make your brand more empathic: Fall in love with your data
On finding your tribe and loving them hard

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