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* Please take note of the message that appears post-submission. It contains the payment transfer details.
*For PayPal payments, 5% of the total amount will be charged for transfer fees. Total will be provided in the post-submission details.
*For Early Bird registration, you may pay until August 20, 2019. For regular rate, payment deadline is
September 8, 2019.
*Once payment has been made, please send a clear copy of the transfer to:
*An OR will be issued on the day of the event.
*Payments are non-refundable. If you are uncertain about any part of this workshop, you may contact us for clarifications. If you wish to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances, 50% of the payment will be refunded, 50% will be revoked as they will be used to pay for the food, venue, transportation fees ahead which is non refundable.
*We will accommodate participants from 18 years of age and above.
*We will commit to creating a safe environment for all participants. Your actions, movement, and personal safety on this retreat are your own responsibility. By registering, you agree to take responsibility for yourself and release Sofia Cope and her team from any claims otherwise. If you have any health conditions, please inform us in advance so can prepare accordingly.

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